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Tokyo is hard work! (Day 3)

Yeah, I'm soft.

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Wow, this place is great... it's just hard work if you know nobody and can't speak the language.

I'm soooo ready for some Z's. I just want to send a quick should out to Trent and Naomi - thank you both for your suggestions!

I did get a camera yesterday but I haven't plugged it in to the Mac yet, maybe I'll post some photos tomorrow.

We visited the temple near Harajuku today and saw the freaks on the bridge. I was hoping to see the Elvis gang but I'm told they only shake their tail feathers on Sundays. Alas on Sunday we will either be skiing in the hills or touring Koyoto :) Either is good for me.

Silly observation: today I found a Coke can in the shape of a bottle, weird eh! I'd like to see cans made from glass too :)

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Japan (Day 2)

Sightseeing and shopping

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A quick wrap up of Japan Day 2... for historical pursposes if nothing else.
We rode the trains all day, armed with the trusty 'Best Of Tokyo' Lonely Planet guide - which needs a little work I must say.

  • Shinjuku - The view of Tokyo and its smog from the Tokyo Metropolitan Towers

  • Akihabara - Camera shopping at the 'Electric City'

  • Harijuku - The famous view from Starbucks of the 5 way intersection and the billions of people that make their way through it. Then a stroll thru the streets and shopping areas.

  • Gaemmae - Searched high and low for Muji with no luck. We did eventually find it, the next day!

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Landed in Tokyo (Day 1)

Melbourne (Brunswick) to Tokyo (Akasaka)

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Yep we have arrived in Japan! Way too tired to blog. Suzie is already asleep. I couldn't get her to try the squirty toilet.

We had to connect 3 trains from the Airport to Akasaka (where the hotel is). It really was hilarious. The train system over here is a complex beast. Just to change trains we used a lift, several flights of stairs and a couple of escalators.

If not for a very helpful Japanese lady we would still be lost in the subway!

I have more noobie Tokyo observations... for another day perhaps...

ZZZzzzz... z!

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Mobile blogging on the porch

Finally Melbourne sees some decent rain!


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Gomez 2006

Darwin - Melbourne - Brisbane and everywhere in between.

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(It seems like a good idea to practice my travel blogging, before I head off overseas for 7 weeks and 45000kms! Wooohooo!)

Way back in 2006 Suzie (Suziesue), Helen (Leocadia) and I (I) did another 'crazy' Gomez Tour. Here is a map of our travels;

AS YOU CAN SEE (very handy little map) we started in Melbourne. Flew to Brisbane and then to Newcastle. Hired a car in Newcastle and stopped in Sydney for a few nights before driving home to Melbourne.

That's the short version. Maybe one day I will fill in the rest.

End communication.... now.

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