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Golden Plains Festival Tickets

This weekend!

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To anyone who actually reads this blog - I have three Golden Plains Festival tickets for sale on eBay which aren't selling.

I bought them before the holiday was planned. I thought I'd be able to sell them but I've had no luck. Unfortunately the festival didn't sell out as I thought it would, so I'm stuck with these tickets (over $500 in value damn it!).

The festival is this weekend (March 10th - 12th).
If anyone is interested in going please contact me at mrbuzzy@gmail.com, mention the blog and you can have 1 to 3 tickets for FREE.


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Getting to San Francisco (Day 27)

Heathrow - Munich - San Francisco

rain 15 °C
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The days are going way too quickly. Day 27 Already!?!?
Well actually it's day 30 now... but I'm writing about getting here... which was a couple of days ago.. hmm... too much detail?

We changed some of the dates of our trip. We didn't think we would get much from London in only a few days. Besides spending the pound for much longer could sap us dry. Our tickets are semi-flexible, we can change the dates and times. But are not allowed to change the route. We took a cheap flight from Manchester to Heathrow. (It was about a quarter of the price of the train, btw)

We stayed at the McDonalds of hotels 'Premier Travel Inn Heathrow' (enough said - I could rant about the terrible food, the red flashing lights on the smoke alarm that was apparently 'normal operation' or even how bookings.com doesn't advertise the true prices that they 'discount', but I wont).

So we leave the Hotel about 8am, then freak out for a while as our flight is delayed. Eventually we fly to Munich at midday, transferring planes with enough time to stock up on large quantities of duty free cigarettes and Daim Bars, check my gmail on my 3G phone (as any nerd would) and then get straight on the plane to San Francisco (12hr flight!).

Side note: I have a mate who runs GlobalFreeLoaders.com (a network of people who can crash at other peoples places all over the world for free)
Funny coincidence: Just as I was leaving Munich I received a GlobalFreeLoaders request from a person in Munich wanting to stay with us in Australia. (We won't be there so it ain't going to happen, haha)
Stupidity: we've been all over the place and haven't yet considered trying this service for our selves.

We arrived in San Francisco and were delighted to be picked up at the airport by Josh and Kerry. Previously we had only known them as JMan and MrsJMan from the Gomez Forums. Having never met us before it's a very nice thing to have done for us. They brought us some maps, umbrella and a pre-paid local cell phone to borrow. How cool is that! What an excellent introduction to SF.

Although only 8pm in us the US, our body clocks said it was about 3am. Josh and Kerry could probably see our eyes rolling back in our heads. They graciously dropped us at our hotel and we were 'home'! Almost 24 hours spent just getting from A to B... and very glad to have made it to the place where sleep happens :)

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A quick note...

sunny 9 °C
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We're now in Manchester, England where we will be based for the next week or so. I've met Suzie's sister Lorriane and her fiancee Mike. They are lovely people and their home is truely great.

Now I have use of a decent internet connection I will be back filling the blog with entries, photos, maps, etc.

I will be adjusting the dates so the blog entries are displayed in the order of the trip (not the order that they were posted). This might seem a bit odd but it works for me. You might need to scroll back in time to see it all, for example I have now added Japan Day 2.

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Shooting back to Tokyo (mobo bloggin')

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We're just leaving Kyoto. Taking the bullet train to Tokyo and then over to Narita (airport city) before our JR passes expire tonight. We've made some friends on the train they are making oragami for us. I know this email is going to cost about 30 bucks to send (yes really) but i'm doing it anyway. Three phone roaming is such a rip off. Not looking forward to the twelve hour flight tomorrow to Munich... I dont want to leave!




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Habuka - Nagano - Tokyo - Shibuya (Day 5)

Snowboarding, Shinkansens and Stuff

-2 °C
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We were up and about early today (by my standards). No sleep in's allowed, not even on holiday!

Meghan and the boys cooked up some delicious bacon and eggs, toast, coffee etc, then we were off to the slopes again. Did you know there's about 600 ski resorts in Japan (so I'm told)? That's one down, 599 to go! Tony from White Horse Hotel is a great host, he dropped us off at the Happo snow area and left us to enjoy a perfect blue sky and powdery snow day. Suzie is possibly the best female, Scottish snowboarder in Japan. (She might also be the only one, hehehe). She really knows how to dig in the front rail for maximum face plant effect. She has the black eye and cuts to prove it.

Near the end of the day we took two adjoining quad chairs, climbing way up to near the summit. The view is majestic... it's even better knowing you don't have to ski or board back down... that's what Gondolas are for.


Trust me people - just get there, especially the Aussies. These mountains leave the Victorian ski fields for dead. 1 day lift tickets are approx. $60AU. These are electronic/proximity tickets of course - only the best for Japan, someone should tell then the Winter Olympics finished years ago. The ski runs are huge, the crowds are bearable to non-existent. Right now there's a good 2+ meters of snow.

Tip: if you're not a hard core skier or board rider you could consider the (from memory it was) 3000 Yen for 10 rides pass - the rides are long enough that it could last you the whole day.

At the end of the day we hurriedly made it back to the bus for Nagano and then Tokyo. Then we swanned around Shibuya for a while to find the elusive Love Hotels... to be continued.

Photo's and entries for days 2 and 4 are still coming... and so is Christmas.

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